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How will I receive my account?

As soon as you checkout you will receive an email within seconds containing the username and password to your brand new League of Legends smurf account!

How do I change the email and password on the account?

Please note, all of our accounts have an unverified email on it and can be changed by going to the official League of Legends website at the respective region (example: na.leagueoflegends.com). Along with that make sure to change your password! If you run into any issues please feel free to contact us on the help page or in the discord.

Do all accounts come with a lifetime warranty?

Yes, if your account gets banned due to any reason that is our fault, you will get another account free of charge.
However if the account is banned due to misbehavior in game or scripting, our warranty does not apply.

Is it safe buying accounts?

Buying accounts is quite safe. We do however recommend that you never contact Riot Customer Support. If you have any account related issues please contact us.
Also, all of our accounts are leveled using a sophisticated automation system, and have an extremely low ban rate. We are also one of the only sellers to provide a LIFETIME WARRANTY on all of our accounts. If your account is ever banned, we will supply you with a brand new replacement account!

Where is my account?

Please wait 1-2 minutes and if you still do not see the account check your spam. If you still do not see an email contact us on the contact page or in our discord server and we will respond in under 24 hours.

I got banned!

On rare occasions our accounts can get banned, there is always risk when you have a new user with a different ip address, location, and email. If this happens we will gladly replace your account. All we require is that the customer joins our discord and allows one of our staff members to check and confirm the ban.

Problem not here?

If you have any further questions, please send us a message on the contact page or join the RiftSmurfs discord from the bottom of the page.