How and Why you should buy League of Legends Accounts

How and Why you should buy League of Legends Accounts

MissFortuneOnTableLeague of Legends is an incredibly popular video game and e-sport in 2020. It has over 100 million active players every single month. While League of Legends is a free to play game you must be level 30 to compete in the ranked mode. Every player strives to quickly hit level 30 so that they can compete in high level ranked game play.

Even if someone hits level 30 it is unlikely that they will have enough Blue Essence to buy the 20 required champions you must have for ranked. This takes getting into ranked on a fresh account extremely time consuming and draining.

How Long Does It Take To Reach Level 30?

While we cannot assign an exact number to this there are a number of factors that contribute to how long it will take to hit level 30. For some it may only take weeks but for a more casual player it can take months of playing to hit level 30. The amount of Summoner Experience that is required is around 21,000. Each game will give you approximately 90 Experience and take around 25 minutes to fully complete not including your queue and champion select. This translates to well over 150 hours of non stop play to hit level 30. That is an extraordinary amount of time to put into playing non ranked games. This leads us our main point that you should buy a League of Legends Smurf account.

What Is A LoL Smurf Account?

Smurf accounts have been around since the beginning of online gaming. A smurf account is an account that you can use along side your main LoL account where you can practice new champions without the risk of losing your rank, you can also go for extremely high win rates, a final reason to get a smurf is that you have no reputation, you don't have to be scared of playing how you want. All of these reasons make playing on a smurf account significantly more enjoyable than playing on your main LoL account.

Why Should You Buy LoL Smurf Accounts?

The simple answer is that leveling your account by hand is a huge waste of time. Along side that you also receive significantly more Blue Essence, our smallest account we offer contains 50,000 Blue Essence! That is enough to purchase well over 40 champions! There are also many other reasons that you should purchase a LoL Smurf account. You can play with your lower elo friends in rank, you may be stuck in "elo hell", or maybe you were unfairly banned on your main account. 

Can I Trust RiftSmurfs?

Yes, we pride ourselves on our lifetime warranty. If your account is ever banned for any sort of account selling or 3rd party leveling reason we will happily replace it! All of our accounts have also never had a registered email so you feel safe knowing that no one will try and take your account away from you.

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